Winemakers and collectors love our safe, secure, and beautifully maintained wine storage lockers, featuring the most convenient access hours in Frisco!

Our 150 private metal lockers are available in a variety of sizes, offering self storage flexibility as your collection size changes:


3X2.5X4 (30 CU FT) 24 CASES , 285 BOTTLES
4X2.5X4 (40 CU FT) 28 CASES, 332 BOTTLES
5X2.5X4 (50 CU FT) 40 CASES, 480 BOTTLES
4X5X4 (80 CU FT) 60 CASES, 720 BOTTLES
5X5X8 (200 CU FT) 90 CASES,  1080 BOTTLES
10X5X8 (400 CU FT) 180 CASES, 2160 BOTTLES
10X10X8 (800 CU FT) 500+ CASES,  6000 BOTTLES



Frisco Self Storage Wine Storage buildings features:

  • Steel and concrete construction
  • Temperature maintained at 55° to 58°
  • Humidity controlled
  • Backup generator to ensure consistent refrigeration


Your wine collection is safe and secure with:

  • Your unique security code to enter and exit our gate system and wine storage buildings
  • Motion detectors, Alarms
  • Digital camera security and recordings

If you are an out-of-state resident, we are pleased to accept delivery of your wine cases for your locker. Please call for details.

Frisco Self Storage

155 Old Newman Way

Frisco, TX 75034

(214) 469-2299